Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Half A Day In Familiar Territory

Gently being roused from sleep by him messing with my feet
Grabbing the thermos, my backpack and a pillow
Walking through the wet grass under a moonless night
Being anxious about what could be in the dark, even though I’m a big girl
It’s so much easier to boldly walk forward when he is there by my side like when I was little.
Running to the truck, climbing up and inside
Being greeted with that familiar smell that I use to breath much more
I used to go with him a lot more, almost every week, I miss that
The door creaks, the engine starts and I feel safe and secure in the bunk
He’s driving and my Fathers are taking care of me, I can sleep in safety
Hours later “I got you coffee Meredith”
Prepared just the way I like it, smooth and warming
I used to drink coffee only with him in the early mornings before he left
I wonder if that’s why I like it this way

We’ve been busy
I’ve been gone that majority of last year
My siblings need him
But I need him too
And I have him for the next couple hours
“I’m so glad to go trucking with you Meredith – I’ve missed this”
Maybe this year, going with him with happen more often
Maybe this year farming with him will become more than an occasional occurrence
Maybe this year talks about God and life will once again be one of our favorite quality times together
Maybe, and I think it will be yes!

He is the same as I remember, but sweeter
I love my Dad,
And I love that He is my Dad.