Thursday, October 30, 2008

my . ONLY . survival

I am human I am flesh
I run away from light, away from truth
I love the dark, and what lingers there
But the dark is only there to tear me away from You

So often my left wins over the right
So many times darkness rules the night
So often i go to the wrong side
So many times I run away from Your light

I cannot do this anymore
I've run into a locked door
As I followed my own way
Now I'm falling away

So grab me tight and hold me close
Bring me back when I've gone astray
With out Your love I cannot live
Your my only survival

You are God, You are pure
Light streams out, from Your open door
You beckon me, to draw near
Your love is what's pulling me closer, what's pulling in

I'll follow You for all my days
So take my hand and lead the way
All I want is to see Your face
Your my only desire

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