Wednesday, March 25, 2009

blue eyes, a tired happy sigh and heart pain

Intricate eyelashes dancing over a sea of blue
As you blink at me, drifting to sleep.
Your fingers can barely grasp my thumb
But you still hold on, clinging to security.

Here in my arms your safe and warm,
Falling asleep smiling.
I wonder about your missing playmates
And what could have been.

I still don't understand
How someone could take one like you and do what they do
Take precious perfect and make broken pieces.

My heart cries out to those laying on the table
Dismantled • As if they were only a toy
Snuffed out • As if only a candle
I stare at invisible, empty, still cradles

What can I do
To save your generation


Beth Nell said...

Wow. I love that first line--it's incredibly written.
Mer, did you write this?

bonniekate said...

Course she did.
I agree. Awesome first line. see you tomorrow.

Leslie said...

I like it! You should put all your stuff together into a book . . . I'd buy it . . . :)