Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thought Collection on Project: More Than Average

[Journal Entry - October 10th 2008]

average • ordinary • normal • everyday • problems • addictions • hormones • No responsibility • No expectations = TEEN

Our culture has hidden and muffled out the call for the youth of this generation and the next to take up the fight, raise the bar of expectation and strive towards excellence, honor, glory to God and to be a good[worthy] example to the next generation.

Instead the bar has been lowered. It used to be a that sex before marriage was wrong [it still is], looked down upon and not as frequent, but now look at the AIDS/HIV ransacking the country/world. "They're just teens - be careful and do what feels right." And the increased number of abortions? What about those? "It's not your fault, something must have been wrong with the birth control. Besides it's not really a human being, don't take responsibility, this could ruin your life." NO! Our actions, my actions big or small are tied together with the very chord of responsibility.

So often we're told to go play video games when we have a question or go and watch tv when we want to do something. Not that those are wrong things, but if we are simply doing them to kill time, what do we truly get out of it? The knowledge of the landscape of the universal remote? How to fly a 747 bomber by [manipulating] twitching your hand and then sending bullets into an animated figure that explodes into a vibrant orange? Yes, very shiny, very bright, very pretty, very... what else?? Very potentially life changing? Maybe, maybe not.

I believe that God shows us what He'd like us to strive for, but also gives us the chance to set goals and standards for ourselves based on His truth and after praying and seeking Him.
[i.e. a person needs to get in shape they don't necessarily need to go to the doctor and get a prescription to go running and watch what they eat - they know that's the thing to do]

After & during the pre-teen, teen, young adult, and adult years, what will our bar be?
Who will raise the bar when we're home for the summer on break?
Who will raise the bar when your home for a year and honestly all you feel like doing is sitting on the sofa chillin' and watching a movie?
Who will challenge us to go read the bible instead of taking all truth from and basing our opinion on what Oprah says [nothing against Oprah here, just an i.e.]

Where will the bar be when I'm pressed to give in to something I know is wrong? High and safe or low and in danger's way?
How will I hold the bar when being pulled from below? Will I let go because I can't hold on by my own strength? Or will God help me hold on because I am grounded in Him?
What will happen when the bar is beaten with the dull gray that has evolved from black and white? Will it hold fast or will it snap? Is it securely anchored to the rock it is continually being pushed into or rusted from the lack of movement?

Where is my level?
Who will increase the expectation?
Who will raise the bar?
Will you raise your bar?
Will I raise my bar?


Leslie said...

Wow Mer, that's poignant. The picture is good, too. Food for some serious thought.... :-) Luv ya. -Leslie

Ericka said...

Hello! I found you through YeshuaHandMaiden (Kate Mickinney). I was just talking about this on my blog! Something that helped me raise my bar was The Rebelution (, which was started by teenagers who were tired of low expectations. Alex and Brett Harris, the founders, have written on book on low expectations; it's called Do Hard Things. And they have conferences around the country during the summer (I went to one last year; it changed my life, and that's why I started my blog). So you are not alone in this! I hope you do check it out and that it is a blessing to you!